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Looking Forward to our Next 100 Year : New Formats of Music Distribution

Today we find ourselves in a fiercely competitive and rapidly changing business environment. The music industry is no different.

With close to a century of history since our founding in 1910, Columbia Music Entertainment has been a leader in technological innovation and adaptation to change in the market.

As a result, we have remained at the cutting edge of the music and entertainment industry as new ideas are developed.

Our company's innovations include such pioneering achievements as the production of the first Japanese-made gramophone, the first domestically pressed records, the first long-playing (LP) record in Japan, and the world's first CDs.

Our mission is to bring wonderful music by talented artists to listeners around the world in the style and format that suits the times.

As recent innovations such as Internet music distribution and cell-phone ring-tones demonstrate, the technology and format of music delivery continues to evolve rapidly.

We at Columbia Music Entertainment are fully committed to continuing our leadership in music and related technologies, to exploiting new forms of music distribution, and to taking advantage of our vast music catalogue, accumulated over the past 100 years.

We will continue to bring beloved music to our customers in all formats. We will strive to innovate, and to surprise the world by adapting ourselves to the high-speed and new trends of the times.