Kazumi Watanabe

Shigeo Sekito
Guitarist / Composer / Producer
Born in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo in 1953.
A top jazz guitarist that Japan is proud of in the world both in name and reality. His sensational first album was released at the age of 17.
Forty-three years since the turmoil of the amazing genius guitarist, he has always created cutting-edge instrumental music and played an active role on the front lines. By carefully combining the fascinating ad lib with its fast tempo, the rich melody, and the playing technique, each sound has a rich expressive power and is unique. < Kazumi Sound > Exactly one-and-only existence, which is well-established in creating
A legendary all-star band formed with Ryuichi Sakamoto in 1979. < KYLIN > Starting with, participation in YMO's world tour made KAZUMI's name the world -famous. In 1980, he led the Jazz- Fusion industry as an icon with the record-breaking hit of the album "To Chi Ka". The numbers of co-performances with the world legendary artists are exceptional and he actively performed in both domestic and oversea markets
Recently, in tandem with working on various projects in jazz fusion, he released solo, acoustic album series, called " Guitar renaissance" and conducted live tours with his own projects as well as he has been invited to the world music festivals. He developed his activities in Japan and globally . Born as a genuine improviser, he also created his individualistic world in composition and arrangement. The works, requested from the classical guitar world were also well received. Furthermore, he expanded his career to producing stage music and writing the soundtracks for the films in recent years . His love and spirit of inquiry for guitar are never ending and recently co-performed with on "Aranjuez Concerto" The feast with the orchestra, the arrangement and performance by the three guitars, and the love and spirit of inquiry for guitar are unwavering. He has also been widely exposed in media such as essay writing, television, and radio, and advocates "Ichikokuichi Ichigaku" and widely contributes to music culture. Senzoku Gakuen University jazz course visiting professor.