Newhard has a long history in Japan's big bands. The founder Toshiyuki Miyama formed "Jive Aces" in 1950 and played at US military clubs in Japan. In 1958, it was renamed "New Hard", a group of lambs, and was widely used in the fields of concert activities, radio, television, and records, and established itself as a top band.
They sticked with modern Jazz sounds since the band was formed but also continued to enthusiastically challenge contemporary Jazz with the times, and young talented musicians still join the group after surviving tough competitions 
Performed at the Montaray Jazz Festival in 1974 and received the highest honor for the first time as a Japanese Jazz musician. In addition, he has performed at many famous overseas Jazz festivals such as the 1975 Neport Jazz Festival and the 2000 JVC Jazz Festival, and became highly regarded internationally. In recent years, the concert master Yuji Kawamura (ts) has been appointed as the conductor, and the sounds of the band and unwavering spirits have been steadily passed on to the next generation. 

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