Sumiko Yamagata

Sumiko Yamagata
◇ Date of Birth: October 11, 1964 
◇ Hometown: Kita Ward, Tokyo 
◇ Debut song: "風に吹かれていこう(Let's go with blowing in the wind)" (February 1973) 

She started writing original songs when she was in the sixth grade of elementary school, and participated in Family singers competition hosted by a TV station in 1972, where she sang her own song and won the title.
With that as a start, she made her record debut in 1973 with "風に吹かれていこう(Let's go with blowing in the wind)" from Nippon Columbia.
Released "Folk Album Trilogy" and attracted attention as the new star of College Folk.
Incorporating pop / "new music" arrangements from the 4th work "Niji", and with the 6th work "Summer Shade" she turned back to the city pop route, gaining a new fan base.
In 1979, she married Kan Inoue, a famous arranger / producer / keyboard player, and left the front line. 
After that, she continues her activities at her own pace, focusing on commercial songs and studio work.

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