"E"qualThe Rock City (M.O.S.A.Ds Town)



The Rock City (M.O.S.A.Ds Town)

[ALBUM] 2005/09/21発売

The Rock City (M.O.S.A.Ds Town)

COCP-33328 ¥3,080 (税抜価格 ¥2,800)

  • 1.Can I get out? (Produced by DJ 034 & GROWTH)
    【「流派R」(TX系)10月度エンディング・テーマ】【フォーサイド.COM 69★TRIBEインフォマーシャル(9/14〜10/4OA)】

  • 2.Intro
     (Blazin' Hip Hop Station) feat. Jack Herer
     (Produced by "E"qual)

  • 3.Live on direct feat. JAY'ED
     (Produced by Bach Logic a.k.a. BL)

  • 4.10 Club commandments feat. DELI, DABO
     (Produced by "E"qual)

  • 5.Don't worry about it (Produced by EQ)

  • 6.Money Clip feat. ANARCHY
     (Produced by EQ)

  • 7.舌のGun "SHURE" 45
     (Produced by DJ RYOW)

  • 8.Skit (Call me back!)
     feat. MC JUN, Stealer & 10C (G.B.L)

  • 9.Call me back! feat. WATT, SYGNAL, Adya
     (Produced by "E"qual)

  • 10.Go Away feat. ANTY the 紅乃壱, NORISIAM-X,
     CEYREN (Produced by Ken "baby" H)

  • 11.No.1 Host MC feat. KEISHI
     (Produced by DJ 034 & GROWTH)

  • 12.One Love feat. 般若, dNessa
     (Produced by "E"qual)

  • 13."B"のつづきの"A.K.A."
     feat. AK-69 a.k.a. Kalassy Nikoff
     (Produced by Ken "baby" H)

  • 14.マタドール Remix
     (Remixed by DJ 034 & GROWTH)

  • 15.The Rock City 〜M.O.S.A.D.'s Town〜
     feat. AKIRA (M.O.S.A.D.)
     (Produced by DJ RYOW & TOMOKIYO)