"E"qual7 Days



7 Days

[ALBUM] 2006/09/27発売

7 Days

COCP-50921 ¥2,750 (税抜価格 ¥2,500)

  • 1.My name is…

  • 2.Intro〜Prologue feat. Jack Herer

  • 3.I.C.E.B.E.R.G. (クエルボ O'clock) feat. Adya

  • 4.Baby, baby feat. JAY'ED

  • 5.Dress code feat. YA-KYIM

  • 6."E"d up from the feet up

  • 7.You gotta be like that

  • 8.7 Days

  • 9.Skit〜Message

  • 10.The Rock Diamonds feat. BALLERS(AKIRA, WATT, SYGNAL, MC JUN, STEALER, 10C)

  • 11.Let's go feat. HI-D

  • 12.The sky is the limit

  • 13.M.O.S.A.D. is forever feat. TOKONA-X, AKIRA, 來々