[ALBUM] 2007/09/12発売


COCP-34499 ¥3,300 (税抜価格 ¥3,000)

  • 1.生命(いのち)

  • 2.サタデイナイト ムービー

  • 3.鎮静剤

  • 4.黄昏のビギン

  • 5.Sensored Mail

  • 6.バラバラふたり

  • 7.Her Hometown

  • 8.モノリス―Om ye dharma hetu prabhava―

  • 9.ナニモナイ

  • 10.無貪

  • 11.見上げてごらん夜の星を

  • 12.みんなの地球

  • 13.モノリス Live at Woodstep
    <Bonus Track>




【KAZUKOH : Welcome Back】

KAZUKOH holds a unique place in music history, even though, as a group, it has essential remained a very mysterious entity. With the release of “Golden Hits” we have finally been given a chance to look back through time and assess the phenomena of this group.

The duo consists of John Kazukoh and Paul Kazukoh. Both are multi-instrumental players who, in the early days, loved nothing better than to participate in studio session “jams” with musicians from all walks of musical life. As talented musicians they strove to find a new revolutionary sound, diverse and experimental, and one that at times was beyond the grasp of the general listening public.

Originally John, growing up in Silicon Valley, California, and heavily influenced by his engineering father, had every intention to be a computer engineer. But after sitting the entrance exam to MIT and failing, he entered Sirabackley Institute of Music and graduated at the top of this year.

Meanwhile, Paul Kazukoh, a child of Russian immigrants from San Francisco, grew up in very different surroundings. After entering the United States illegally, the family changed its name from Kazukvski to Kazukoh and became wealthy by the lucrative sale of stone crabs. Paul however, had little interest in following in his father’s “crab”footsteps and from a very early age developed a keen interest in the arts. He entered GCAA (The Great California Art Academy) and coincidentally, like John, graduated top of his class.

Their musical odyssey set sail when they teamed up and started playing together in local pubs in the California area. But it was a chance meeting in McDonalds that changed everything. Here they met the famous Columbia record producer Marge Geortin (not George Martin) who, while stopping by to pick up a filet-o-fish, happened to hear the duo perform.

Under Geortin’s tutelage, they released their first single You Wanna Hold My Hand, which was soon followed by their first number one hit Please Please You. However, after musical differences with Geortin as to their direction, they abandoned the music world for a while.Unfortunately, they have never been happy with these two singles, and thus they are not included on this record.

In the sixties KAZUKOH’s music was never fully appreciated (orunderstood) and eventually it drowned in the great audio sea of the times. However, with the release of “Golden Hits” the true value of their music can, at last, shine forth.

What could be more pleasing?

> Stilton Smellbad : British Music Critic / The Times



「KAZUKOH」はJohn Kazukoh とPaul Kazukohとでなるデュオであり、全ての楽器を自分たちでこなすが、スタジオでのミュージシャンとのセッションを好んだ。‘60年代当時の音響環境は必ずしも良いものではなかったが、革新的な音作りを目指していた彼らは、色々なことを試みたようだ。したがって、彼らの音楽性は掴みにくく、多岐に富んでいるため、評価が分かれるところである。

シリコンヴァレーでエンジニアをしていた父の影響でJohnKazukohはコンピュータ・エンジニアを目指しMITを受験するも門前払い。やむなく入学したシラバックレー音楽院コピー科を何故か主席で卒業、 サンフランシスコをうろちょろ徘徊していた際にPaul Kazukohとスターバックスで出会い意気投合、デュオを始める。一方、サンフランシスコでロシア蟹をストーン・クラブと称して売り、財を成した父をもつPaulKazukoh(本姓はKazukovskiだがロシア移民とバレるのを恐れ父がKazukohと改姓)は幼い頃よりアートが好きで、グレート・カリフォルニア・アート・アカデミー(GCAA)に入学。同じく、贋作科を首席卒業、Johnと出会う。

結成当時は小さなクラブ、パブなどで演奏していたが、コロンビア・レコードの敏腕プロデューサー、マージ・ジョーティンに「MacDonald」の店頭で販促のアルバイト演奏をしていた折り、ジョーティンがフィレ・オ・フィッシュを買いに寄り、そこで見いだされ最初のシングル「You Wanna Hold My Hand」を発売。2枚目のシングル「Please Please You」でブレイク、全米1位を獲得するが、ジョーティンと音楽性でもめ、音楽界から一時遠ざかる。したがって彼らの意志に反する意味からもこの2枚のシングルは収録されていない。


(英国Times誌音楽評論家:Stilton Smellbad)